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Karina El Kokonut

My name is Karina, I'm French on my mother's side and Spanish on my father's side.
I consider myself as a slow traveler… I had already the chance to live in Spain, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Portugal and New Zeland … And hope to continue exploring the world and its treasures...

In 2012 after my Master's degree in Marketing I went to Canada for work, and I discovered Improv Theater and fell in love with the practice since then I've played in different improv group in Montréal, Paris  Porto, Auckland. 

I've also done a lot of clown workshops and I've been part of different theatre group in France and Portugal.

I often play the role of MC to bring on stage positive and energetic vibes, with "El Kokonut" special techniques

In 2016 in Chiang Mai - Thailand, I've started my own improv workshops "Free Birds Improv" that became "El Kokonut Improv Theatre" in order to empower people, mostly women.

The same year I directed and edited an Improv Movie with students from "Free Birds Improv", you can see it on youtube "What a mess" 

In January 2017, I've organised in Thailand 2-days improv retreat called "The fundamentals of Improv Theatre".

The same year I became a laughter Yoga teacher so I can give LY workshops but also train people to become LY leaders.

In 2018, in Portugal with the association "AJD", I organised Laughter Yoga and Improv Theatre workshops for kids, teenagers, adults, elderly people and also for team building.

I had the original idea to create "Deão Got Talent" to promote Art in rural areas. People registered to share their talent to the community during a show.

Of course, I've done it in Portuguese ;) 

March 2018, role of the assistant in the play "O público em cena" de Almada Negreiros, Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

In August 2018, I did the "Escola de Verão para Atores em Viana do Castelo" where we've been exploring Shakespeare sonnets. 

The same year I started my youtube channel "El Kokonut".

In January 2019. I became a Dancemandala facilitator in Chiang Mai, Thailand, it's a free form movement meditation,that allow people to express themselves freely through movement!

May 2019- September 2020, I've been part of Mabel Improv- Auckland (Improv theatre in Spanish), we've performed different format like for example the bench.

May 2019, my first time at NZ Comedy Festival performing stand-up in Spanish in the show called SPANGLISH (produced by China Gonzales)

May 2019- August 2020 - Comedy Club Auckland- Raw Mondays- performing Stand-up in English.

June 2019- February 2020- I created My French Comedy Night- A group of French Comedian talking about their experience in NZ- we performed in different places around Auckland!

Octobre 2019- I taught my workshop "Beyond Language" at the NZIF (NewZealand Improv Festival)

March 2020- Auckland Fringe Festival - THE WALL- Babel production -Role of Frantic woman.

May 2020- NZ Comedy festival - The show :"Excuse My French" has been selected for the festival.


In October 2020- International Clown Lab- Beirã, Portugal, exploration of the minimalist clown.

So in my backpack I carry different facet of myself as an actress, improv theatre artist, laughter yoga, DanceMandala, Improv Theatre facilitator, writer, filmmaker, dancer… and I'm also a determined and sensitive person, a snorkelling lover, I enjoy spontaneity and being surprised by myself and others, artistic challenges… and I LOVE holding space for others to release, explore, be themselves, have fun…


I hope to work, create, explore, have fun... soon with you!



Love and Laugh!

El kokonut.

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