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DANCEmandala Movement Stillness Meditation

It's a method of moving meditation that encourages natural and authentic self-expression, re-connection to one's core essence, creative life force, expanded awareness and equanimity.

It's a method for Self-discovery - Dancemandala takes us through different layers of our being.

The dance will moves us from physical body into emotions, heart space, inner wisdom, interconnection, Spirit, joy, bliss, clarity and focussed mindfulness. We call this practice a dynamic moving mandala spiralling in and out of the world of forms and the boundless of our imagination and consciousness.

It's a space to just be, be your self, at ease with your free form movement and dance your creativity, your sadness, joy, peace...

It’s powerful and liberating to step into a DANCEmandala space where there’s no judgment or a set of movement you must follow. It’s a safe contained space that encourage you to be true to your self in each moment.

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