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Excuse My French!

Coming from all corners of France 15 candidates compete for the ultimate prize, NZ citizenship! 

And a chance to win a $1M home, $100.000 in food coupons, plus a year supply of Best Foods Mayonnaise…


Across the New Zealand nation we will watch the four remaining recruits lie, cheat and try to outsmart one another through outrageous challenges to see who will make it through to become this year newest French Kiwi.


Locked in a house for 8 weeks, filmed 24/7 with 1 camera and 2578 micros and forced to speak english, they will fight against their tradition, subdue their French sexy accents with our coaches!

Meet Jean-Claude who has mentored people around the world from the Japan emperor to the Dalai Lama ex-girlfriend, and Clémentine Lambda, spiritual coach with 15 years of experience in mantras, chakras and carbonaras.


In the most controversial season yet, with more tears, tantrums, and perhaps true love, only you can decide. Call 373624 or FRENCH and cast you vote for your favourite French Kiwi. Calls cost (50$/min), please notify your parent or guardian before placing all calls!

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